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By N.J.M. Birdsall

ISBN-10: 1349055557

ISBN-13: 9781349055555

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1). None of these early studies with intact NG108·15 cells, cell homogenates or membranes indicated a co-operative nature to the binding or multiple forms of the binding site. , 1979a). With rat brain opiate binding, Na+ is known to affect agonist and antagonist binding differentially (Pert and Snyder, 1975). 2 :J A. B. 2 L!!..... O 6 ici 'O I 109 I 168 ~ ILl -£ 40 z "'-cu 20 E NoS! 1 Binding of [3H]Dala 2 met S NH 2 ENK to NG108-15 opiate receptors. Membranes suspended in buffer at 32°C for 20 min with increasing 3H-labelled peptide (A) or with 8 nM 3H-Iabelled peptide and various amounts of non-radioactive ligands (B).

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