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G.N. Woodruff, J. A. Poat, P. J. Roberts's Dopaminergic Systems and their Regulation PDF

By G.N. Woodruff, J. A. Poat, P. J. Roberts

ISBN-10: 1349074314

ISBN-13: 9781349074310

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The 23 contributions accumulated the following have been provided at a satellite tv for pc Symposium of the IUPHAR ninth foreign Congress of Pharmacology. The assembly was once held in Southampton, England, August, 1984.

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And Bannon et a1. for more details. Independent e1ec trophysio1og ic a1 stud ies have a1 so been conduc ted by White and Wang (1983). Figure 1 illustrates the regional distribution of synthesismodulating nerve terminal autoreceptors determined by the ability of apomorphine to an tagonize gannna- but yro1 ac tone- ind uc ed (GBL) increases in dopamine levels. , acbinistered 5 min before GBL). The increase in dopamine in the prefrontal, entorhina1, and cingu1ate cortices was unaffected by apomorphine providing evidence that these dopaminergic terminals lack dopamine-sensitive synthesis-modulating autoreceptors.

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