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Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, by Jack Richards, Richard Schmidt, Heidi Kendricks, Youngkyu PDF

By Jack Richards, Richard Schmidt, Heidi Kendricks, Youngkyu Kim

ISBN-10: 058243825X

ISBN-13: 9780582438255

For the instructor seeking to get a piece extra into the theoretical facet of language educating and linguistics, this is often an indispensible e-book. It covers much the jargon and terminology that compliment the territory and offers a superb, pithy evaluate of such a lot issues from syllabus layout to grammar.

I have came across it worthwhile basically to get my terminology correct for assignments, however it is usually is helping with facing different books that experience unexplained, yet relatively expert terminology. for that reason on my own, it truly is well worth the paltry sum had to get it.

The e-book is into its 3rd version now, (to which this assessment refers), and may be an ongoing vintage within the box. i actually suggest this publication to you.

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Cat /kæt/ – cats /kæts/. g. g. class /klëNs/ – classes /`klëNsız/. /s/, /z/, and /Iz/ all have the same grammatical function in these examples, they all show plural; they are all allomorphs of the plural morpheme. allophone n allophonic adj any of the different variants of a phoneme. The different allophones of a phoneme are perceptibly different but similar to each other, do not change the meaning of a word, and occur in different phonetic environments that can be stated in terms of phonological rules.

A traditional term for agreement is CONCORD. In GOVERNMENT/BINDING THEORY, agreement is considered to be the relation between a specifier head (AGR) and its specifier. Agreement in this sense includes both subject-verb agreement and assignment of structural case. agreement2 n another term for CONCORD AI an abbreviation for ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. aim n see OBJECTIVE alertness n see ATTENTION alexia n see APHASIA algorithm n an explicit set of instructions that specify in detail the steps to go through in order to perform some operation.

The resulting correlation coefficient is interpreted as a numerical index of the extent to which the alternate forms are equivalent to each other or consistent in measuring test takers’ abilities. For practical reasons, however, this method of assessing test reliability is used less frequently than an INTERNAL CONSISTENCY RELIABILITY approach. alternate forms n also equivalent forms, parallel forms two or more different forms of a test designed to measure exactly the same skills or abilities, which use the same methods of testing, and which are of equal length and difficulty.

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Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, Third Edition by Jack Richards, Richard Schmidt, Heidi Kendricks, Youngkyu Kim

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