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Curious Behavior: Yawning, Laughing, Hiccupping, and Beyond by Robert R. Provine PDF

By Robert R. Provine

ISBN-10: 0674048512

ISBN-13: 9780674048515

Robert Provine boldly is going the place different scientists seldom tread-in seek of hiccups, coughs, yawns, sneezes, and different lowly, undignified human behaviors. Upon research, those instinctive acts undergo the imprint of our evolutionary origins and will be uniquely worthy instruments for knowing how the human mind works and what makes us assorted from different species.

Many actions showcased in Curious Behavior are contagious, yet none surpasses yawning during this regard-just interpreting the observe could make one succumb. notwithstanding we frequently take it as an indication of sleepiness or boredom, yawning holds clues to the improvement of our sociality and skill to empathize with others. Its inescapable transmission reminds us that we're occasionally unaware, neurologically programmed beasts of the herd. different ignored behaviors yield comparable revelations. Tickling, we examine, could be the key to programming personhood into robots. Coughing is available in musical, clinical, and social forms. Farting and belching have import for the evolution of human speech. And prenatal habit is on the market because the strangest express of all, defying postnatal common sense in each approach. Our earthiest acts outline Homo sapiens up to language, bipedalism, software use, and different extra studied characteristics.

As Provine courses us via peculiarities correct lower than our noses, he beckons us to stick to with self-experiments: tickling our personal toes, holding a log of once we snicker, and trying to suppress yawns and sneezes. Such humble investigations offer fodder for grade tuition technology tasks in addition to doctoral dissertations. Small technology can yield immense rewards.

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I offer four informative yawn variants that test hypotheses about the form and function of yawning. You can test yourself and draw your own conclusions about yawning and its underlying mechanism. However, not everyone, including my long-suffering wife, shares my enthusiasm for such selfexperimentation. And even enthusiasts may want to conduct the experiments in private. Let’s begin. 1 When you feel yourself start to yawn, pinch your nose closed (Fig. 3). Most participants report the ability to perform perfectly normal closed-nose yawns.

If you edit out “ha” and close the gaps, all that’s left is a ghost of laughter, a breathy sigh. 17 It’s hard, in fact, to laugh in other than the usual way. Forget about acoustics for a moment and focus on vocal gymnastics. Consider three arbitrary laugh variants. ” Try it. ” Easy, right? ” That’s tough, if you can do it at all. 0 Characteristic features of laughter are evident in the regularity of the waveform (upper) and the frequency spectrum (lower) of a typical laugh (here consisting of six notes) of an adult male.

For most people, inhalation through the mouth is an essential component of the yawn. The open- eye yawn (lower right), accomplished by holding your eyes open with your fingers, is also difficult, indicating that feedback from the normally squinting eyes is essential to the performance of the motor pattern of yawning, although it has no association with the airway. (Modified from Provine 2005) yawning ç 27 complex motor program of the yawn; unless accomplished, the program will not run to completion.

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