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Download PDF by Charles Goodwin: Conversational Organization: Interaction Between Speakers

By Charles Goodwin

ISBN-10: 0122897803

ISBN-13: 9780122897801

Booklet through Goodwin, Charles

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The problem of accurate correspondence between a description and the phenomenon being described is thus subordinate to the analytically prior problem of specifying the procedures governing the selection of some appropriate description from the set of correct descriptions. In view of this, it is argued that the process of description itself, rather than the object being described, should be the primary focus of analysis. The principles providing for the construction of appropriate descriptions have been found to be lodged within the interactive circumstances of their production, a point demonstrated in some detail in Schegloff's ( 1972) analysis of how terms to describe a specific phenomenon, place, are selected.

That is, the turn as a unit is interactively determined ipp. 726-7271. '' Such a view of turn-taking stands in contrast to many other approaches (for example, Taylor 1'170) which have 'ought 'tructurc in conversation (or in the groups conversing) hy trying to lind repetitive multiturn sequences. 22 1. Introduction The structure of the turn-taking system also provides for the interactive organization of a number of more specific types of phenomena in particular types of turns. For example, stories routinely contain many sentences before they come to their completion.

24 Many different types of speech units-from single words to sentenceshave this feature. The property of recognizable completion has several consequences. First, it specifies where in the turn transition to a new turn can occur. Second, it specifies the limits of the speaker's current right to talk. Initially, a speaker is entitled to one such unit; at the 24 The orientation of conversationalists to the projectability of turn-constructional units is empirically evident in actual sequential materials.

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