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New PDF release: Controlling Steady-State and Dynamical Properties of Atomic

By Amitabh Joshi

ISBN-10: 9814307556

ISBN-13: 9789814307550

This ebook presents a complete creation to the theoretical and experimental reviews of atomic optical bistability and multistability, and their dynamical houses in platforms with - and three-level inhomogeneously-broadened atoms inside of an optical hollow space. by way of utilising the converted linear absorption and dispersion, in addition to the vastly superior nonlinearity within the three-level electromagnetically brought about transparency procedure, the optical bistablity and effective all-optical switching might be accomplished at really low laser powers, which are good managed and manipulated. previously, the speedy expense of development in purposes of multilevel platforms in cross-disciplinary box has made it tricky to novices to the sphere to acquire a vast evaluation of this subject. This monograph will serve the aim.

Readership: Graduate scholars, researchers and teachers in optical physics.

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55) [24]. 04 0 0 -1000 (b) 0 ∆P 1000 -1000 0 ∆P 1000 Fig. 10 Absorption coefficient α as a function of probe detuning ∆P . Heavy black curve, experiment; gray curve, theory. (a) No coupling laser. (b) Coupling laser on resonance ∆C = 0. 5 MHz (adopted from [24] with permission). 11(b)). , at the central frequency of the probe laser beam. 11(a). 11(b)). 55). Such modified dispersive properties of the three-level atomic medium for the probe laser beam was first measured using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer in the same atomic system used above for demonstrating EIT [25].

June 20, 2012 17:34 26 World Scientific Book - 9in x 6in Controlling Steady-state and Dynamical Properties of AOB composed of linear part (n0 ) and Kerr nonlinear part (n2 ) multiplied by the field intensity (Icav ) inside the cavity. 48) above is the response function of the three-mirror optical ring cavity with an atomic medium of length L placed in one arm of the cavity. The expressions given in Eqs. 49) will be discussed in Chapter 3, on cavity induced line narrowing effect. 2), and defined the Rabi frequency ΩP = 2|µ21 ||E|/ .

The EIT phenomenon can also be explained by descriptions other than the dressed-state picture. The phenomenon of quantum interference can produce coherence in the atom-field system and EIT can be explained by using such induced coherence. Note that the coherence in the coupled system can be estimated using off-diagonal elements of the density operator of the system. In semiclassical picture of atom-field interaction, coherence is directly related to the oscillating electric dipole due to the interaction of coupling field with a pair of quantum states.

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