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Get Colloidal polymers: synthesis and characterization PDF

By Abdelhamid Elaissari

ISBN-10: 0824743040

ISBN-13: 9780824743048

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4. As a consequence, polymerization rate and molar mass can be adjusted independently with two parameters, namely, r and the initiator concentration. As shown above, the important parameter to control the kinetics was not directly the initiator concentration but the initial r = [SG1]0/[alkoxyamine]0 molar ratio. Indeed, the rate of propagation for the homopolymerization of a given monomer M can be expressed as: −d[M] = k p [Pؒ][M] = kp K([P-SG1]0 /[SG1])[M] dt (2) Controlled Free-Radical Polymerization 35 with kp, [Pؒ], K, and [P-SG1]0 the rate constant of propagation, the concentration of propagating macroradicals in the organic phase, the activation–deactivation equilibrium constant (Fig.

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