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Jean Reist Stark;Josephine R. Smith's Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains and their Derivatives PDF

By Jean Reist Stark;Josephine R. Smith

ISBN-10: 0412078813

ISBN-13: 9780412078811

ISBN-10: 1468491326

ISBN-13: 9781468491326

ThiS is not just a booklet of guide in chainmaking however it is additionally a piece celebrating man's non-stop creativity over hundreds of thousands of years. now and then anything that guy creates has far-reach­ ing results; an instance that speedy involves brain is the wheel, which has enabled many devel­ opments, from pottery to desktops. At this aspect it is very important observe that those related wheels couldn't were made with no steel instruments. From early Neolithic instances on gold used to be a favourite selection within the making of jewellery. through the Neolithic interval those "shining stones," most likely alluvial, have been prized. truly gold used to be chilly labored as though it have been a stone. there's a surviving instance of cold-worked gold from Catahuyuk (present day Turkey) anticipated to were made in 6500 B. C. there have been merely 4 metals at the earth's floor that have been present in adequate volume for use: gold, copper, silver, and meteoric iron. An figuring out of the malleability of gold, and of the annealing influence of fireplace, replaced jewellery making; new types have been came upon. Gold used to be not a bit of stone yet a cloth that may be flattened and made very skinny. Sheet and foil are the oldest varieties of labored gold. The smiths' instruments have been stone, wooden, and horn.

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47 link with hammered ends loops back to the original plane, round the loops to size on the pliers, anneal, and planish the ends before bringing the loops together. Repeat after the addition of each link. 15. Anneal the chain carefully, and adjust the links for evenness. 16. Finish using directions given in Chapter 9 for clasp G. 40 SINGLE LOOP-in-LOOP CHAINS CHAIN 5: SINGLE-LOOP-TIlROUGH-BEAD (Ancient) In this chain, the beads are woven directly into the chain, using a link that is long enough so that its pinched center section is able to pass through the bead.

61 Opening the through-bead link after adding a bead and a collar ring 16. Insert a chain link through the opened ends and continue this sequence: four chain links, the bead link, the first collar ring, the bead, and the second collar ring, until the chain is the desired length. 17. Finish using directions given in Chapter 9 for clasp A, B, D, or F. NOTE: Because of the beads, this necklace cannot be annealed after weaving nor can it be tumbled if the beads are delicate. 62 Section of chain with incorporated bead.

15 Heating the link for balling up CHAIN 2: CENTERBALL SINGLE 29 c. Then move the torch carefully upward as the balls melt until they meet to form one ball. Remove the flame immediately. d. Repeat steps 2a, 2b, and 2c to ball up the remaining links. 16 Appearance of the balled link e. Put round pliers into the open end of a link, restretch to reopen it, and squeeze the opened link into a bowtie shape with the ball on one end. 17 Restretching the link f. Slightly squeeze the end without the balls.

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