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M. Rocha E. Silva, J. Garcia Leme, P. Alexander and Z. M.'s Chemical Mediators of the Acute Inflammatory Reaction PDF

By M. Rocha E. Silva, J. Garcia Leme, P. Alexander and Z. M. Bacq (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0080170404

ISBN-13: 9780080170404

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So thinning of the whole endothelial cell would permit the passage of colloidal material, otherwise retained inside of the vessels. The importance of the intercellular cement was again stressed by the investigations of Chambers and Zweifach (1940) who studied the effects of p H and presence of calcium in the perfusion medium maintaining the intercelluar cement in normal condition. Lack of calcium in the perfusion solution would induce a softening of the cement indicated by its increased stickiness and even its removal in the blood stream, resulting in passage of particulate matter from inside to outside of the vessels.

Acad. Sei. 6 1 , 670. ZWEIFACH, B. W . (1962) Pathophysiology o f the b l o o d vascular barrier. Angiology 1 3 , 345. CHAPTER 2 Measurement of the Acute Inflammatory Reaction IN THE opening remarks of a symposium on "Quantitative Methods in Human Pharmacology and Therapeutics", Sir Charles Harrington confessed that "there persists a feeling of nostalgia for the days when pharmacologists could be content with qualitative observations". A little further: "we must recognize it as a weakness (the nostalgia), and in point of fact I think myself that careful reflection will show it to be without reason" (Harrington, 1959).

C. (1960) Phytochemagglutinin: an initiator o f mitosis in cultures o f normal human leucocytes. Cancer Res. 2 0 , 462. , F A R N H A M , A . E . , SAITO, K . , M I L O F S K Y , Ε . a n d K A R N O V S K Y , M . L . (1963) Metabolic patterns in three types o f phagocytizing cells. / . Cell Biol. 17, 487. PADAWER, J . ) (1963) S y m p o s i u m o n mast cells and basophils. Ann. Ν. Y. Acad. Sei. 103, 1. PADAWER, J . and G O R D O N , A . S. (1955) Isolation o f mast cells from other cellular elements o f rat peritoneal fluid.

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