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Catalyst Characterization: Physical Techniques for Solid - download pdf or read online

By B. Imelik, J. C. Vedrine (auth.), Boris Imelik, Jacques C. Vedrine (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1475795890

ISBN-13: 9781475795899

ISBN-10: 1475795912

ISBN-13: 9781475795912

to the elemental and utilized Catalysis sequence Catalysis is critical academically and industrially. It performs a necessary function within the manufacture of quite a lot of items, from gas and plastics to fertilizers and herbicides, which might rather be unobtainable or prohibitive­ ly pricey. There are few chemical-or oil-based fabric goods in smooth society that don't rely indirectly on a catalytic degree of their manufacture. except production methods, catalysis is discovering different vital and over-increasing makes use of; for instance, winning functions of catalysis within the regulate ofpollution and its use in environmental keep an eye on are absolute to in crease sooner or later. the economic import an ce of catalysis and the various highbrow demanding situations of catalytic phenomena have inspired examine through a vast spectrum of scientists together with chemists, physicists, chemical engineers, and fabric scientists. expanding examine task through the years has introduced deeper degrees of figuring out, and those were linked to a constantly starting to be volume of released fabric. As recentlyas sixty years in the past, Rideal and Taylor may possibly nonetheless deal with the topic comprehensively in one quantity, yet by means of the nineteen 50s Emmett required six volumes, and no traditional multivolume textual content may now conceal the total of catalysis in any depth.

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Catalyst Characterization: Physical Techniquesjor Solid Materials, edited by Boris Imelik and Jacques C. Vedrine, Plenum Press, New York (1994). 11 12 G. COUDURIER AND F. LEFEBVRE If E' is a higher energy state than E, the molecule absorbs the radiat ion of frequency v when it is excited from E to E' and emits at the same frequency when it passes from E' to E. If there is a frequency variation of the electromagnetic radiation, the energy absorption for each frequency corresponds to a transition between rotational, vibrational, or electronic states.

19. Pyridine adsorption on a HY zeolite(33): (a) zeolite HY activated at 350 ·C; (b) adsorption of pyridine at room temperature on the activated sample and evacuation at 150 ·C (reprinted with permission from J. Phys. , Copyright 1967, American Chemical Society). 20. Variation of the number of Brbnsted and Lewis acid sites in a HY zeolite as a function ofthe activation temperature(33) (reprinted with permission from J. Phys. , Copyright 1967, American Chemical Society). heating gives further infonnation on the acid strength.

22 G. COUDURIER AND F. 7. Model for the interaction between the IR radiation and the metalsorbed phase system. 8. Single reflection at grazing incidence. 1. Specular Single ar Multiple Rejlection: Rejlection-Absorption Spectroscopy Reflection-absorption spectroscopy (RAS) allows the study of metallic films, single crystals, and opaque solids by reflection, and is also often used for sorbed phases on metal surfaces. 7) for the description of the interaction between IR radiation and the system metalsorbed phase, Greenler(lO) has shown that the intensity of absorption in the reflected radiation depends on: (1) the optical constants (n is the refraction index; k is the absorption coefficient; and n - ik is a complex index) of the metal; (2) the thickness of the sorbed phase; (3) the angle of incidence; and (4) the polarization state ofthe incident radiation.

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