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New PDF release: Care Management: Tasks and Workloads

By Joan Orme, Bryan Glastonbury (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0333544102

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However the view that individualisation can inhibit collective or political action is not tackled by the changes in practice suggested for care management. Indeed it could be argued that care management runs counter to the some of the principles of community action even if it does seek to enhance and extend community care. As long as need is identified only as individual need and met by individualised packages of care, even though this may be provided within the community, a number of consequences will ensue.

Experience suggests that some basic guidelines ought to be followed. In a previous study (1987, pp. 182-3) we listed 19 practical points. We shall draw on them in Chapter 7, when we seek to suggest a working model of workload management for care management. The next two chapters pursue some of the contentious issues touched on so far. They provide an examination of some of the key concepts and an evaluation of the changes that they might, or might not, initiate. Summary This chapter has plotted the evolution of care management.

In another sense, and this is what Caring for People wishes to pursue, there is the chance that new ideas in the assessment will stimulate the development of new types of service. Perhaps these new ideas will be a spur to action within social services departments, but more probably (at least in a Conservative Government's eyes) they will stir up the independent sector. Local volunteers and voluntary groups will see exciting opportunities to be helpful; non-profit organisations will discover new directions; entrepreneurs will see scope for new markets.

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Care Management: Tasks and Workloads by Joan Orme, Bryan Glastonbury (auth.)

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