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Mai, Larry L., Owl, Marcus Young, Kersting, M. Patricia's Cambridge Dictionary of Human Biology and Evolution PDF

By Mai, Larry L., Owl, Marcus Young, Kersting, M. Patricia

ISBN-10: 0511125887

ISBN-13: 9780511125881

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Allergy: acquired, altered reactivity to a substance that can result in pathologic reactions upon subsequent exposure to that particular substance; antibodies are generally of the IgE class. Aka hypersensitivity. 9 mya. The hominid remains, 12 specimens, include fragments attributed to Australopithecus anamensis. Postcranial remains are indicative of bipedalism, yet jaw fragments possess characteristics that are very ape-like, including parallel tooth rows. Site paleoenvironment was lakeside forest in arid region.

Ancestral homology: with respect to a given set of species, a trait or character common to all species within the set of interest, and present in outgroups as well, implying that the trait evolved in a species that lived before the common ancestor of the set of interest. Cf. derived homology. ancestral population: population that gives rise to one or more descendant populations. ancestral suite: set of behavioral traits proposed by Harvard anthropologist Richard W. Wrangham as a way of inferring the social organization and behaviors of the common ancestor of early hominids.

2. the study of such relationships, such as brain size and body size, or basal metabolic rate and longevity. 3. Any relationship of size between two body parts y and x that can be expressed by the power formula y ϭ c ϩ bx a, where c, b and a are parameters, the intercept, the slope, and an exponential term, respectively. Allometry frequently employs regression methods to express the relationship between variables. Adjective: allometric. Aka heterauxesis, heterochrony. Cf. correlation. S. Huxley, interspecific allometry, and intraspecific allometry.

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