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Download e-book for kindle: Beastchild by Dean R. Koontz

By Dean R. Koontz

ISBN-10: 092738907X

ISBN-13: 9780927389075

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One of them was a military officer named Zenolan, an extremely large person, a foot taller than Banalog, a super lizard with a head half again as large as a head should be. He took the empty hypo with the traces of sweet-drugs in it from the hands of one of the other naoli. " he asked Banalog unnecessarily. " "Last evening," Banalog lied. " Zenolan looked at the equipment hanging in the recessed section of the office ceiling. "A session? " "Early evening,'' Banalog said. "And it was because he had forgotten his appointment for this afternoon.

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Beastchild by Dean R. Koontz

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