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Download e-book for iPad: Basic Albanian Etymologies by Martin E. Huld

By Martin E. Huld

ISBN-10: 0893571350

ISBN-13: 9780893571351

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For instance, as a kango,haka (in ha kase ‘doctor’) is marked because it is bimoraic and does not end with i or u, ta npopo ‘dandelion’ is marked as a Yamato lexeme because it contains an unvoiced stop after the mora nasal, and so on. Notes: (1 ) For instance, it is somewhat surprising that a 520-page book entitled The Handbook of Japanese Linguistics, recently published by Blackwell, includes only about 10% of Japanese titles in its abundant list of references. However, for the sake of convenience, I will use the term syllabary to refer to katakana and hiragana thoughout this book.

However, for the sake of convenience, I will use the term syllabary to refer to katakana and hiragana thoughout this book. See Chapter 6 for an in-depth presentation of the prosodic components of Japanese, and a discussion on the structure and nature of the mora. The table actually never contained more than 47 or 48 items. The most complete character dictionary in Japan, the Daikanwa Jiten (published by Taishûkan) contains about 50,000 characters. However, since onomatopée originally refers only to words which are supposed to imitate a sound of the extra-linguistic world, the terms mimetic or ideophone seem more appropriate in the case of Japanese, because a large number of Japanese mimetic words are not sound imitation but rather express feelings, sensations, attitudes, visual states, and so on in an iconic manner.

But the Page 20 of 23 Introduction oldest gairaigo or the ones which are in very frequent or daily use are more Japanized than those of more recent introduction or those less frequently employed. They are organized rather like a continuum: certain words belonging etymologically to one of the classes can ‘move’ to another one, or borrow in a more or less occasional way some of its morpho-phonological features. Niku ‘meat’ is originally a Sino-Japanese word, but it takes a Yamato polite prefix o-, instead of go- normally used as the polite prefix of Sino-Japanese words.

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