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Download PDF by Roger Mansuy, Marc Yor: Aspects of Brownian Motion (Universitext)

By Roger Mansuy, Marc Yor

ISBN-10: 3540499660

ISBN-13: 9783540499664

Stochastic calculus and day trip conception are very effective instruments to acquire both special or asymptotic effects approximately Brownian movement and similar techniques. The emphasis of this publication is on distinct sessions of such Brownian functionals as:
- Gaussian subspaces of the Gaussian house of Brownian motion;
- Brownian quadratic funtionals;
- Brownian neighborhood times,
- Exponential functionals of Brownian movement with drift;
- Winding variety of one or a number of Brownian motions round one or a number of issues or a directly line, or curves;
- Time spent by means of Brownian movement lower than a a number of of its one-sided supremum.

Besides its seen viewers of scholars and teachers the ebook additionally addresses the pursuits of researchers from center likelihood idea out to utilized fields resembling polymer physics and mathematical finance.

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In fact, in the previous proof, we showed more than the final statement, since we considered the local times of |Bu | + ∆−1 (2 u ) : u ≤ τx . 4 Let x > 0, and consider τx ≡ inf{t ≥ 0 : a−2x/δ |B| − 2δ ; a ≥ 0 and aτx |B| + 2δ the processes τx > x}. Then, ; a ≥ 0 have t the same law, namely that of an inhomogeneous Markov process (Ya ; a ≥ 0), starting at 0, which is the square of a δ-dimensional Bessel process for a 2x ≤ 2x δ , and a square Bessel process of dimension 0, for a ≥ δ . 2) These connections between Brownian occupation times and squares of Bessel processes explain very well why, when computing quantities to do with Brownian occupation times, we find formulae which also appeared in relation with L´evy’s formula (see Chapter 2).

1), it is then known that Q20→0 is the law of the local times of (R3 (t), t ≤ T1 (R3 )). This is perfectly coherent with the above theorem, since we then have: (law) (Dt2 ; t ≤ T12 ) = (R3 (t), t ≤ T1 (R3 )) Proof: If we define: Xt = R3 (t) (t ≥ 0), we then have: 1 + R3 (t) 1 1 ; =1+ Xt R3 (t) therefore, (Xt , t ≥ 0), which is a diffusion (from its definition in terms of R3 ) is also such that X1t , t ≥ 0 is a local martingale. Then, it follows easily that ˜ 3 ( X t ), t ≥ 0, where (R ˜ 3 (u), u ≥ 0) is a 3 dimensional Bessel process, Xt = R and, finally, since: t X t ds , we get the desired result.

5). 8) c) As yet another example of application of the method, we now derive the following formula obtained by M. Wenocur [91] (see also, in the same vein, [92]): consider (W (t), t ≥ 0) a 1-dimensional BM , starting from 0, and define: Xt = Wt + µt + x, so that (Xt , t ≥ 0) is the Brownian motion with drift µ, starting from x. Then, M. 9) 0 where H(x, µ, λ) = − µ2 2 1− thλ λ − xµ 1 − 1 chλ − x2 λthλ . 2 We shall now sketch a proof of this formula, by applying twice Girsanov’s theorem. First of all, we may “get rid of the drift µ”, since: ⎡ ⎛ ⎞⎤ 1 2 λ ds Xs2 ⎠⎦ E ⎣exp ⎝− 2 0 ⎡ ⎤ 1 2 2 λ µ exp − ds Xs2 ⎦ = Ex ⎣exp µ(X1 − x) − 2 2 0 where Px denotes the law of Brownian motion starting from x.

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