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Download e-book for iPad: Anthropological Genetics: Theory, Methods and Applications by Michael H. Crawford

By Michael H. Crawford

ISBN-10: 0511335245

ISBN-13: 9780511335242

ISBN-10: 0521546974

ISBN-13: 9780521546973

ISBN-10: 0521838096

ISBN-13: 9780521838092

This article is largely an anthropology textbook on human evolution that integrates the most recent organic and cultural examine. It comes from the merger of genetic research and cultural anthropology. The authors see a co-evolution of genes with tradition that is helping to outline the organism and the surroundings within which they stay during which either are appearing as reason and effect.

This ebook used to be written on the advice of the yank organization of Anthropological Genetics (AAAG) with the purpose of getting used as a textbook on the complex undergraduage and graduate point. it's damaged into 4 significant components:

Theory: masking Evolution and Genetic diversifications and Isolates
Methods: box examine, historic demography, molecular markers
General purposes: Forensic DNA, rising expertise, Linkage research
The Human Diaspora: Africa, Europe, Oceania, Americas.

Dr. Crawford initially used to be to be the editor of the ebook. as a result of individuals failing to satisfy promised closing dates, he has written a considerable a part of the ebook.

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