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Download PDF by Sandra Geisler: Android Phones For Dummies, 2nd Edition

By Sandra Geisler

ISBN-10: 111872030X

ISBN-13: 9781118720301

The recognition of Android telephones is just exploding, so it is a excellent time for well known For Dummies writer Dan Gookin to replace his bestselling advisor to all issues Android telephones. From setup and configuration to benefiting from the newest impressive Android gains, this useful source is designed to make new Android clients cozy and to aid veterans get the main out in their Android cellphone. protecting gains which are universal to the preferred Android telephones, this publication walks you thru the fundamentals of creating calls, utilizing the touchscreen, sending e-mails and texts, looking the web, utilizing the digital camera, staying involved with social media, and much more.

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See the “Installing a microSD card” section, earlier in this chapter. HDMI connector: This connector allows the phone to use an external HDMI monitor or TV set to show movies, watch slide shows, or do other interesting things. Not every Android phone has an HDMI connector. Home key: Some phones, such as those in the Samsung Galaxy line, feature a physical button called the Home key. This key is found below the touchscreen. Not shown in Figure 1-2 is a physical keyboard, found on a few Android phone models.

And its well-thought-out design means you can carry your phone in your pocket or handbag without fearing that something will accidentally turn it on, dial Mongolia, and run up a heck of a cell phone bill. Your Android phone most likely features a proximity sensor, so you can even keep the phone in your pocket while you’re on a call. The proximity sensor disables the touchscreen, which ensures that nothing accidentally gets touched when you don’t want it to be touched. ✓ Though it’s okay to place the phone somewhere when you’re making a call, be careful not to touch the phone’s Power/Lock key (refer to Figure 1-2).

Some Android phones may also show navigation icons or keys just below the touchscreen. See Chapter 3 for more information. ✓ A few Android phones feature a pointing device, such as a trackball or a teensy joystick. This device can be used for editing text, navigating links on a web page, or choosing items on the screen. ✓ The Galaxy Note line of phones feature a pointing device in the form of a digital stylus called an S Pen. ✓ The main microphone is found on the bottom of the phone. Even so, it picks up your voice loud and clear.

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