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Read e-book online Anatomy & Physiology Workbook For Dummies (For Dummies (Math PDF

By Janet Rae-Dupree, Pat DuPree

ISBN-10: 047016932X

ISBN-13: 9780470169322

ISBN-10: 0470226706

ISBN-13: 9780470226704

A superb primer for studying the human bodyAn anatomy and body structure direction is needed for scientific and nursing scholars in addition to for others pursuing careers in healthcare. Anatomy & body structure Workbook For Dummies is the joys and straightforward strategy to wake up to hurry on anatomy and body structure proof and ideas. This hands-on workbook offers scholars with necessary workouts to perform opting for particular muscle groups and their services, reminiscence workouts, in addition to diagrams and genuine demonstrations that readers can individually enact to demonstrate the techniques.

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Mitosis may look like a waiting game, but there’s plenty going on behind the scenes. 38 Part I: Building Blocks of the Body Waiting for action: Interphase Interphase is the period when the cell isn’t dividing. It begins when the new cells are done forming and ends when the cell prepares to divide. Although it’s also called a “resting stage,” there’s constant activity in the cell during interphase. Interphase is divided into subphases, each of which lasts anywhere from a few hours for those cells that divide frequently to days or years for those cells that divide less frequently (nerve cells, for example, can spend decades in interphase).

Columnar g. Pseudostratified h. Cuboidal i. Transitional relaxed j. Simple cuboidal Making a Connection: Connective Tissue Connective tissues connect, support, and bind body structures together. Unlike other types of tissues, connective tissues are classified more by the stuff in which the cells lay — the extracellular matrix — than by the cells themselves. The cells that produce that matrix are scattered within it like chocolate chips in ice cream. The load-bearing Chapter 4: The Study of Tissues: Histology strength of connective tissue comes from a fibrous protein called collagen.

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