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By Lowell, Amy; Lowell, Amy; Rollyson, Carl Edmund

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The arguable American poet Amy Lowell (1874-1925), a founding member of the Imagist team that incorporated D. H. Lawrence and H. D., excelled because the impresario for the “new poetry” that turned information around the U. S. within the years after global struggle I. Maligned by means of T. S. Eliot because the “demon saleswoman” of poetry, and ridiculed through Ezra Pound, Lowell has been taken care of through earlier biographers as an overweight, sex-starved, inferior poet who smoked cigars and made a spectacle of herself, canvassing the rustic on lecture excursions that drew crowds within the 1000s for her electrifying performances.

In truth, Lowell wrote many of the most interesting love lyrics of the 20th century and led a whole and loving lifestyles along with her consistent spouse, the retired actress Ada Russell. She was once presented the Pulitzer Prize posthumously in 1926. This provocative new biography, the 1st in 40 years, restores Amy Lowell to her complete humanity in an period that, ultimately, is commencing to enjoy the contributions of gays and lesbians to American’s cultural background. Drawing on newly stumbled on letters and papers, Rollyson’s biography ultimately offers this bright poet her due.

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I envy you in Paris, I envy you anyway, if only I had your power, your talent. How mad you will be at my saying that! I have been collecting my poems for the book, & they do seem to me so bad. Barely half a dozen which I like at all. Tonight it seems to me that the best thing would be to put them into the fire and take to crochet, only of course I should even crochet badly. 2 This letter was handwritten and reveals an Amy Lowell far more vulnerable than she was willing to disclose to most of her other correspondents.

In one instance a dog had strayed into the ring, creating havoc among picadors chasing the dog and dodging the bull. In January, he described a Venetian channel with “gorgeous dashes of color mirroring themselves in wavy splashes of carmine, and gold in the faintly heaving water,” a passage sure to appeal to a sister so sensitive to imagery. ” Percival had precisely the poetic sensibility that Leigh Hunt had extolled. Brother was showing sister what could be made of the world. ” Percival’s letters made a positive difference—at least it seemed so to him when he learned Amy was doing better in dancing class.

Doctors advised what now looks like a lunatic idea: a trip down the Nile and a diet of tomatoes and asparagus. Amy would sweat off her pounds in the Egyptian heat. Accompanied by chaperon friends, she embarked in November of 1897, and proceeded to write dutiful letters home about seeing the sights, but saying nothing about her diet or state of mind. What next occurred is typical of a woman who would later strain every muscle to move the world in her direction. In this case a group of cowering Arabs refused to navigate a dahabeah (a light houseboat with a lateen, triangular sail) over to the island of Philae, the site of picturesque ruins and said to be one of the burial places of Osiris.

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Amy Lowell anew : a biography by Lowell, Amy; Lowell, Amy; Rollyson, Carl Edmund

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