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To hit town] to arrive: What time is he expected to hit town? -+ -+ -+ -+ hog wild - extremely excited; acting without control: -+ The men went hog wild when they won the soccer game. hold- 1. ; Wait! : -+Hold it! Let's hear what the platoon leader has to say. 2. [to hold one's horses] to be calm or patient: -+Hold your horses! Continue working until we are dismissed. 3. [to hold one's own] to lose no ground; to keep She can hold her own in any one's position: argument with the managers. 4. [to hold one's tongue] to not talk: -+Hold your tongue!

A month of Sundays - a very long time : -+ Where have you been ? I haven't seen you for a month of Sundays. to mooch- to continually borrow or beg: -+He always mooches my paper and pens. moon- [once in a blue moon] rarely: -+ They live so far away that we see them only once in a blue moon. to moonlight - to have a second job usually at night: -+ Some of our cops are now moonlighting as security guards at various nightclubs. to mop up - to destroy the last areas of resistance: -+ Your unit will mop up that part of the city.

We had to explain the procedures five times to him. hand- 1. [hand in glove with] in close agreement: -+ My unit is working hand in glove with the other units, so that we can finish everything by Friday. 2. [hand over fist] quickly, rapidly, and in large amounts: -+ After his business failed, he started losing money hand over fist. 3. [hand-to-hand] in close personal contact: -+ The soldiers engaged in hand-to-hand combat for six hours. 4. [heavyhanded] having a very clumsy or rough way of handling objects, persons, situations: -+ He has a very heavy-handed approach in dealing with customers.

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