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Aloha Betrayed: Native Hawaiian Resistance to American - download pdf or read online

By Noenoe K. Silva

ISBN-10: 082233349X

ISBN-13: 9780822333494

In 1897, as a white oligarchy made plans to permit the us to annex Hawai'i, local Hawaiians prepared an enormous petition force to protest. Ninety-five percentage of the local inhabitants signed the petition, inflicting the annexation treaty to fail within the U.S. Senate. This occasion used to be unknown to many modern Hawaiians until eventually Noenoe ok. Silva rediscovered the petition within the strategy of learning this publication. With few exceptions, histories of Hawai'i were dependent completely on English-language resources. they've got now not taken into consideration the hundreds of thousands of pages of newspapers, books, and letters written within the mom tongue of local Hawaiians. via conscientiously interpreting a lot of those files, Silva fills a vital hole within the old list. In so doing, she refutes the long-held concept that local Hawaiians passively authorised the erosion in their tradition and lack of their kingdom, displaying that they actively resisted political, fiscal, linguistic, and cultural domination. Drawing on Hawaiian-language texts, basically newspapers produced within the 19th century and early 20th, Silva demonstrates that print media used to be imperative to social communique, political organizing, and the perpetuation of Hawaiian language and tradition. a robust critique of colonial historiography, Aloha Betrayed presents a much-needed heritage of local Hawaiian resistance to American imperialism.

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Missionaries to come to Hawai¿i. Along ¿Op¯ ¯ ukaha¿ia and other Kanaka with an even younger man named Hopu, ¿Op¯ youths signed on as hands on the whaling and merchant ships that passed ¯ ukaha¿ia learned English, first aboard a ship through Hawai¿i nei. ¿Op¯ then in a series of schools in New England. S. ∏≥ Through their contact with these young men, along with their desire to travel to foreign lands and save heathen souls, Early Struggles with the Foreigners 31 the missionaries found Hawai¿i appealing.

Ai noa The ¿ai kapu (eating taboos) was a system of rules that specified that men do all the cooking, that men and women eat separately, and that certain foods, especially the kino lau (many physical forms) of certain male gods, be kapu to women. The system was established by the ancient mo¿olelo of W¯akea, who wanted to sleep with his daughter, Ho¿oh¯ok¯u- 28 Aloha Betrayed kalani, without his mate, Papah¯anaumoku, finding out. Thus a system of kapu, including the eating kapu, was put into place by W¯akea and his male kahuna that kept women out of the men’s eating house and kept men and women apart for a few nights each month.

Kamakau’s January 19, 1867, installment begins the section on white foreigners. Even here, Cook is not the first. In the time of ¿Auanini (Kamakau did not speculate on the date), a ship of haole arrived; the captain was named Mololana, and his wife, named M¯araea, was on the ship as well. Kamakau says it is not known whether they settled in the islands or sailed away again. d. ∞∫ Kamakau dates K¯uali¿i’s life from 1555 to 1730 (these dates serve only as mere guides, however, because the Kanaka system of dating was based on genealogy rather than anything analogous to the European system of years).

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