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Professor em. D. B. Sirdeshmukh, Professor L. Sirdeshmukh,'s Alkali Halides: A Handbook of Physical Properties PDF

By Professor em. D. B. Sirdeshmukh, Professor L. Sirdeshmukh, Professor K. G. Subhadra (auth.)

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The alkali halide crystals have constantly been on the centre degree of solid-state physics. they've been "model crystals" for trying out many solid-state theories. In contemporary many years, they've got additionally proved valuable in numerous purposes starting from X-ray monochromators to tunable lasers. due to this twin significance - either simply clinical and technological - an enormous volume of knowledge has been generated on all elements of the alkali halides. this knowledge has so far been scattered all through a variety of journals and reference assets. This guide brings jointly quite a lot of info at the experimentally decided homes of the alkali halides. a few theoretically derived parameters have additionally been integrated. all of the vital literature from 1950 to 2000 has been surveyed. offering in one quantity all crucial details at the actual homes of alkali halides, this ebook might be a worthwhile reference for solid-state physicists and fabrics scientists.

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While experimental values of TOEC are available for only five alkali halides, theoretical calculations for all the alkali halides have been made by several workers. These should be useful to check any future experimental results on TOEC. 2. Theoretically evaluated values ofTOEC are also given in Refs. 48]. 3. Note that for crystals with CsCl structure, all the TOEC are negative. 23 Values of the linear combinations YI ,, Y12 and y 44 of fourth-order elastic constants Cijkl; for definition of /1i see Notes and Comments Crystal Y11 Yiz Y44 Ref.

Krug, H. Witte and E. , Z. Phys. , 4, 36, 1955. K. Kurki-Suonio and L. Fonte II, Ann. Acad. Scient. , AVI, 161, 1964. V. Meisalo and 0. , 22, 58, 1967. M. Merisalo and 0. Inkinen, Ann. Acad. Scient. , A VI, 207, 1966. G. Schoknecht, Z. , A 12, 983, 1957. A. Wasastjerna, Comment. Phys. , 1, I, 1923. V. M. Goldschmidt, Skr. Norske Vidensk-Akad. , I, kl, 1926. L. Pauling, J. Am. Chern. , 49,765, 1927. H. Zachariasen, Z. Kristall. 80, 137, 1931. P. G. Fumi, J. Phys. Chern. Solids, 25,45,1964. S. J.

25] depending on the B and V data used by them. 26] found that the log B versus log V plots resolve into four different plots indicating that the constant Bo is different for the halides of each alkali ion. fi is the Phillips ionicity. 147 for n. 6. 19) where B is expressed in 10 12 dyne em-z. 27]. 7. 28] pointed out that values of the coefficient of thermal expansion lie on a smooth curve when plotted against the reciprocal of bulk modulus. e. 20) 8. 1 the reduced mass. 23] calculated If/ for several alkali halides from this formula and found fair agreement with experimental values of ry.

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