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J.N. Gurtu, Amit Gurtu.'s Advanced physical chemistry experiments PDF

By J.N. Gurtu, Amit Gurtu.

ISBN-10: 1441664629

ISBN-13: 9781441664624

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ISBN-13: 9788689909197

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Often a production run is too large to permit individual inspClction of each item (say, razor blades or ball bearings), and in some cases the quality test is destructive (as in measuring the stress required to break an object) and hence cannot be applied to each specimen produced by a company. In such cases, some sort of spot-checking of a 22 ADVANCED PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENTS few of the samples coming off the production line is necessary, and judgment is required to decide whether the manufacturing process is under control or whether a costly shutdown is justified in order to seek the cause of a deviation from the specifications in the tested results.

L in the equation defining Student's t, and a t value is calculated using X, n, and s for the analytical results at hand. If the calculated t value is greater than that in the t table for (n - 1) degrees of freedom and the desired probability, then the analytical method in question gives a mean value significantly different from the NBS value; otherwise, difference in the two values would be attributable to chance alone. The following examples indicate the foregoing points. 12 n =4 2 18 ADVANCED PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENTS (a) Are Sl and S2 significantly different?

It consists of basically three parts. (i) The electron gun : The electron gun produces a sharply focussed beam of electrons, accelerated to a very high velocity. 30 ADVANCED PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENTS (ii) The deflection system : This system deflects the electrons both in the horizontal and vertical planes electrostatically (or magnetically in TV tubes) in accordance with the wave-form to be displayed. (iii) The fluorescent screen : When the electron beam impinges on the fluorescent screen it produces spots of visible light.

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