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Get Access to History. From Second Reich to Third Reich Germany PDF

By Geoff Layton

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It aimed to destroy the democratic constitution because it was seen as weak, which it believed had contributed to Germany’s problems. • Anti-Marxism: even more despised than democracy was the fear of communism. It was seen as a real threat to traditional values and the ownership of property and wealth – and when Russian communism was established, it reinforced the idea that communism was anti-German. • Authoritarianism: the extreme right favoured the restoration of some authoritarian, dictatorial regime – though in the early 1920s there was no real consensus on what kind of strong government and leadership would be established.

The revolutionary uprising in Germany in 1923 is often referred to as the German October, but it is a confusing term. Mass protests started before this, in the summer of 1923, though the uprising did not actually come to a head until October 1923 (which was also emotionally associated with the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in October 1917) Key date The KPD was indeed a reasonable political force in the years 1919–23. 3, page 35). However, all these actions by the extreme left gave the impression that Germany was really facing a Bolshevik-inspired ‘Red Threat’.

The relationship between the president and the Reichstag and, in particular, the emergency powers available to the president under Article 48. • The fact that the traditional institutions of Imperial Germany were allowed to continue. Key term Proportional representation ‘First past the post’ An electoral system that simply requires the winner to gain one vote more than the second placed candidate. It is also referred to as the plurality system and does not require 50 per cent plus one votes. In a national election it tends to give the most successful party disproportionately more seats than its total vote merits.

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