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Read e-book online Absolute Age Determination: Physical and Chemical Dating PDF

By Prof. Dr. Mebus A. Geyh, Prof. Dr. Helmut Schleicher (auth.)

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With the transforming into attractiveness over the past centuries that the Earth has a tremendous age and approaches over lengthy classes of time have replaced the morphology and composition of the Earth's crust, geologists became more and more attracted to choice of absolute a while. A rela­ tive geochronology used to be demonstrated at the foundation of the lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic rules built over the last century. With the invention of radioactivity, the root for a brand new geoscientific self-discipline - geochronology - used to be confirmed (Rutherford 1906). it's the examine of geological time, dependent customarily at the time signatures supplied via the isotopic composition in geologic fabrics. The isotopic signature in a rock yields additional information than that supplied by way of the geochemical signature by myself since it displays the foundation and heritage of the aspect within the rock. the purpose of geochronology is to calibrate and standardize chronostrati­ photograph scales, to boost geological time scales that experience a delicate or a minimum of precious solution so that it will position the geological occasions within the right chronological order, and to assign their right time spans. In perform, the applying of geochronology is far wider as the facts within the "natural data" frequently supply details at the foundation, genesis, and historical past of the fabrics. This, after all, calls for an knowing of the geochemical habit of the ingredients involved.

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If the radiation damage increases at a rather constant rate (Fig. 2), the number of damages can be used as a measure of the time (radiation age) the sample was subjected to the radiation. The most important parameters for these methods are the dose rate of the natural source of radiation, the sample-specific generation of radiation damage, and the density of the damages. 2 Sample Treatment and Measurement Techniques Isotope abundances or ratios are measured for most of the physical dating methods utilizing isotopes.

Anticoincidence and (13-13 or y-y) coincidence measurements: These are made with an inner detector containing the sample and a surrounding guard detector (Sects. 2). , coincident, pulses in the inner detector and the outer detector. , in anticoincidence (Fig. 6). The Oeschger-type counter is an especially effective realization of this technique (Geyh 1967). , 13, and y radiation down to 5 ke V (Tsoulfanidis 1983). They consist of a gas-filled, sealed metal tube with an electrically insulated wire mounted along the axis ofthe tube.

Most elements require a very high excitation temperature (normally a gas-oxygen flame); the alkali metals, for which a gas-air flame is sufficient, are an exception. Thirty to forty elements, mainly metals, can be analyzed within a concentration range of 100 ppm to 10%. The mineral or whole-rock sample (5-200mg) is digested in a hydrofluoricsulfuric acid mixture (sometimes also with the addition of nitric acid). The solution is then sprayed into a gas flame where it is atomized. The emitted radiation is observed through a filter or prism.

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Absolute Age Determination: Physical and Chemical Dating Methods and Their Application by Prof. Dr. Mebus A. Geyh, Prof. Dr. Helmut Schleicher (auth.)

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