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A Sidney Chronology 1554–1654 by Michael G. Brennan, Noel J. Kinnamon (auth.) PDF

By Michael G. Brennan, Noel J. Kinnamon (auth.)

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November 5–17 Second session of Queen Mary’s Fifth Parliament. 17 Death of Queen Mary and accession of Queen Elizabeth I. Cardinal Pole dies. HS’s niece, Jane Dormer (later wife of the Count of Feria) exiles herself to the Spanish court. 20 Sir William Cecil appointed Secretary of State and Queen Elizabeth’s principal adviser for her first Council Meeting at Hatfield. 8 A Sidney Chronology 22 30 Queen Elizabeth arrives at court from Hatfield. MDS is appointed as Gentlewoman of the Privy Chamber, allowing her considerable intimacy with the queen.

1562 January 6 May 17 26 July 15 Shane O’Neill submits to Elizabeth at Whitehall. HS sent to Paris on a diplomatic mission (CSPD, 200). HS’s accounts show a payment made for child actors at Ludlow Castle (CKS A56(2)). Royal instructions for HS’s mission to Edinburgh to advise Mary Queen of Scots of a postponement in her planned meeting with Elizabeth. HS stays two weeks and meets John Knox, with whom he corresponds (Haynes 1740, 391–3). August HS at Shrewsbury. October (mid) Elizabeth sends English troops under Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick, to assist the French Protestants in the first French religious war.

She decides to order Desmond and his brother to be sent over from Ireland and imprisoned in the Tower, where they remain for seven years – an act which is directly responsible for the later Munster Rebellion (Wallace, 77–82). MSH’s sixth birthday. November 8 Death in Ireland at Kilmainham (the Deputy’s Dublin residence) of HS and MDS’s daughter, Elizabeth. She is buried in Dublin Cathedral when HS is still at the English court (BL Additional MS Egerton 2642/214). 13 HS dines with De Silva, the Spanish Ambassador, who reports that he is very dissatisfied with the queen’s ungenerous treatment of his Irish service.

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A Sidney Chronology 1554–1654 by Michael G. Brennan, Noel J. Kinnamon (auth.)

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